Skills of Victors

How To Stop Worrying and Start Living
(& 250 More Essential Skill Guides)

We have packed 250+ Skill Guides in 1 Amazing Book, Saving You Time & Money.
Skills of Victors Gives You Proven, Distilled Wisdom From The Best Books And Experts.

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Buy it. Read it. Gift it. Finally, someone gave us all we needed to know to get ahead, in one book. - Mercy Bell (Buyer)

Professional's Guide To The Top Rung. - The Financial Express

Interested in a Successful Career? - The Business Line

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Already Used By 20,000 Smart Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Job Seekers Everywhere.
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How To Stop Worrying and Start Living
(& 250 More Essential Skill Guides)

We have packed 250+ Skill Guides in 1 Amazing Book, Saving You Time & Money.
Skills of Victors Gives You Proven, Distilled Wisdom From The Best Books And Experts.
13 Kinds of Skills | 550 Pages | PDF / EPub / Kindle Ready
The Success Manual
April 2, 2016
5/5 stars
Skills of Victors: 250+ Essential Work & Personal Skills We Need To Know
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Free Guides:

1. 100 Most Useful Acronyms That Teach Us: 100+ useful self improvement tips in form of popular acronyms.
2. 200 Writing Tips From Great Writers: Essential writing advice from 40+ great writers

What You Get In This Encyclopedia of Advice:

Full Table Of Contents: All 290 Guides.

1. All The Important Personal Skills And How You Can Use Them To Win At Life:
Grit, Attitude, Confidence, Anger Management, Positive Thinking, Productivity, Time Management & More.
2. All The Essential Soft Skills You Got To Know To Succeed At Work:
Creative Thinking, Networking, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Boss Management & More.
3. All The Useful Business Skills You Will Need To Know To Be A Great Manager And Seller:
Business Management, Negotiation, Persuasion, Marketing, Sales & More.
4. All The Top Career Management Skills You Can Use To Survive And Win A Tough Job Job Market:
Career Planning, Winning Resumes, Job Hunting, Acing Job Interviews & More.

Why This Is The Most Useful Book You'll Buy:

In Our Fast-paced World, Skills Of Victors Contains All The Proven Tips To Last A Lifetime. This Pioneering Book Tries To Help You With All The Skills You'd Need To Survive And Succeed In A Tough Modern World.
In A World Flooded With Self Improvement, Self Help Books And Business Books, 'Big' Words And 'Deep' Phrases, This All-in-one Book Saves You Time And Money And Gives You Just The Best Advice.
We All Know By Now That The Secret To Outstanding Achievement Is Not Talent But A Special Blend Of Passion And Persistence We All Know As Grit.” If You Use This Comprehensive Book Often And Follow Most Of The Practical Tips, You Can Soon Learn To Be A Winner At Work And In Life.
In This Age of Intense Competition, There Will Be Those With All The Skills, & Those Who Don't. As Long As You Have The Skills, You Will Definitely Stay A Winner In Personal As Well As Professional Life. Let This Book Of Skills Change And Improve You.
There’ is No Need To Live Without Worrying About Lack Of Skills And Suffering From A Lack Of It. You Can Live A Full, Active And Happy Life Of A Winner. You Can Also Buy This All-in-one Compendium Of Advice At Amazon.Com Now.

About The Author/s:

The Simple Project Editors Have Been Writing The Success Manual Series Of Guides Since 2003. The Success Manual Guides Are Easy-to-follow Skill Guides Contain Proven Advice From The Best Books And Experts On Any Topic In An Easy But Straight-to-the-point Style - No Fluff, No Digressions And Anecdotes, And No 'gurus' Branding Themselves 24*7.
Our Mission: To Improve The World's Skills, So We All Can Enjoy More Success At Work, In This World & In Life. So, We Create High-quality, Well Researched, & Easy-to-read Guides To Essential Skills, Guides That Help Everyone Be Happy And Successful At Work & In Life.
We Create Guides That Help People Get Better At Whatever They Choose To Do - Manage, Lead, Start, Create, Fight, Survive, Win, Learn...

Who Is This Book For?

For Professionals. For Business People. For Everyone.
For The Young or Old, Experienced or Inexperienced.
For Fresh College Graduates. For Employees. For Freelancers / Self Employed.

For Anyone Missing on Opportunities in Their Careers Due To Insufficient Personal, Social, Communication and Self-Management Skills.
For All Who Want To Be Happy and Successful At Work & In Life.

What Customers / Press Say About This Book

Buy it. Read it. Gift it. Finally, someone gave us all we needed to know to get ahead, in one book. - Mercy Bell (Buyer) More Buyer Reviews
Professionals' Guide To The Top Rung.- The Financial Express

Interested In A Successful Career? - Business line

Presents All Self-Improvement Ideas In One Single Resource. - Keith Johnson,

290 Guides, 13 Skills Categories, 550 Pages | Download & Start Using Right Now
Simply browse the bookmarks in the PDF file to go to desired chapter.
Spl. Offer:  $19.95  $9.95 (Only Available As PDF / EPub, Please Help Save Trees)    Save $10

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where will I be buying Skills of Victors?
A: You can buy Skills of Victors on You will be taken to The Success Manual store on, where you will make the payment and get the PDF in your email right away.

Q: I just bought the book but don't know what to do next. How do I get it?
A: You should receive an email containing the download link. The download contains the PDF version of Skills of Victors.

Q: But I never received an email with a download link, what now?
A: Don't worry. Just email us at [email protected] and let us know you bought Skills of Victors but didn't receive the link, and once we find proof of your payment, we'll send it to you.

Q: Why only PDF / EPub format?
A: We want to save trees. We hope you will too. This PDF / EPub book is designed to be read easily on all devices, desktop PC or a smartphone/tablet. You can easily carry it everywhere. Use the Table of Contents/Bookmarks to get instant advice on any pressing topic. Print out the guide you need.

Q: What about other versions of Skills of Victors?
A: Our focus is on digital versions for now. We will soon be adding an epub version.

Q: How do I read it on my phone?
On your Android phone, there are many PDF readers in the Play store, including Acrobat. On the iPhone, you just need to drag the pdf version of The Success Manual into your iTunes Book library and you can start reading.

Q: Is there an affiliate program for the ebook?
A: If You wish to be affiliates, just send us an email at [email protected]. We give 30% payouts.

Q: Can I get updates?
A: Yes, we send updated versions (including new formats) to all our buyers within a 1 year span.

Q: Why do I need to sign up?
A: You can sign up to read all the 290 skill guides, as well as read new stuff. You can bookmark, track your performance in is a new online book reading experience.

Q: How do I use Skills of Victors best?
Just go through the How To Use/Introduction guide. guide. Just browse through the 'Table of contents' or 'Bookmarks'.

Note: Skills of Victors was previously titled '250+ Top Work & Personal Skills made Easy'.
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