Starting a business

Starting a business means coming up with a product/having something that people will pay for, then planning the business, creating a plan for getting funding, creating/sourcing the product/service, selling it, collecting the money, paying people, paying taxes and handling a million other administrative tasks and daily business headaches. There is so much detail and drudgery involved.   


But you still can make it as an entrepreneur. 

Guides in this section:

Starting a business
  1. The Basics Of Starting and Running Your Own Business
  2. Starting a Business: Validate yourself
  3. Starting a Business: Have an idea
  4. Starting a Business: Validate the idea/Market research
  5. Starting a business: Create a Business plan
  6. Starting a business: Business structure (and other legal stuff)
  7. Starting a Business: Focus on cash planning
  8. Starting a Business: Get funding for your business idea
  9. Starting a Business: Get funding for your tech business idea
  10. Starting a Business: Bootstrapping your business


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