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Tiny Skills
$3.99 | 550 Pages | PDF / EPub, Kindle Ready

Tiny Skills

Tired of Seeing Your Friends Get Ahead of You? Don't Let A Lack of Skills Hold You Down In Your Career and Life.
Get Proven Tips Distilled From 1000+ Top Books and Experts on 250+ Important Work And Personal Skills in One Big Book!
Buy it. Read it. Gift it. Finally, someone gave us all we needed to know to get ahead, in one book. - Mercy Bell, Buyer
25+ Reviews
We have distilled the best advice from 1000+ best business, career, self help / self improvement books and experts in one place, saving you precious time and money.
Use this powerful all-in-one resource to get instant help on almost any business, career or personal problem.
Work & Personal Skills Covered Inside: Communication skills, Self help skills, Self improvement skills, Productivity & time management skills, Writing skills, Business skills, Freelancing skills, Thinking skills & more...

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