Self Improvement Skills

What is self improvement?
'Managing oneself', what self improvement means in plain english, may mean a different thing to each one of us, but besically it means managing ourselves in  away that makes us bring our talents and efforts to the fullest for the things we are most concerned about. 

Managing oneself means having, or at least trying our best to control our goals, habits, attitude, mindset and other things. 

The basics of self improvement: focusing on the important things.

For example, do you want to be a writer?

Then keep reading, keep writing, make time for it, prioritize your activities in a way that you can focus on it, and even if you are 50 years old, or older, you can still write that great novel of yours.

This section of The Success Manual has 15 guides so far.

Guides in this section:

Self Improvement Skills
  1. The Basics Of Self Management
  2. How To Find Your Purpose (Finding Meaning)
  3. Success: 18 Important Things You Should Know
  4. How To Set Good Goals
  5. How To Give Up Bad Habits And Pick Up Good Habits
  6. Mastery
  7. A Simple Guide To Self Discipline
  8. Growth Mindset: All That You Have To Know
  9. Attitude
  10. How To Increase Your Willpower
  11. How To Be Resilient
  12. Grit: A Simple Guide
  13. Creating A Good Personal Mission And Vision Statement
  14. How To Teach Yourself And Learn Better
  15. How To Get Through The Hard Times


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