Great Career Advice That Will Boost Your Chances of Getting Promoted, Getting a Raise, or Landing a New Job

100+ Guides With Instant, Proven Career Advice & Career Guidance Distilled From The All-time Best Career Advice Books & Experts Of All Time. This is All The Best Career Advice You Will Ever Need

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Great Career Advice That Will Boost Your Chances of Getting Promoted, Getting a Raise, or Landing a New Job

Need a Little Career Direction? This First All-in-one Book of Career Advice Contains 100+ Guides With Proven Career Advice & Career Guidance.
Get Career Advice Distilled From The All-time Best Career Advice Books & Experts Of All Time. Get Instant, Proven Answers To 100+ Most Important Career Questions. Get A Pocket Mentor For Every Stage Of Your Career: Job Seaching, Resume Building, Career Planning, Job Interviews, Workplace Survival, & So Much More.
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The Career Advice Bible: A-To-Z of Proven Career Advice (Get Instant Answers On 100+ Most Important Questions On Finding and Keeping A Good Job
Choosing A Career | Resume Tips | Job Search Secrets | Job Interview Success | First Job Success Surviving & Winning At Office Politics | Boss Management | Changing Careers | Role-Wise Career Tips & More...
$5 PDF & EPub, Kindle Ready (Please Help Save Trees) | 318 Pages | 107 Easy-to-follow Guides
This Is An Essential Resource For All Modern Professionals:
Students, Fresh College Graduates, Creatives, Coders, Engineers, Or A Seasoned Professional In Any Field.

Table of contents

Career Questions Answered In This All-in-one Career Success Guide:
Part 1: Career Skills, Job Trends, Career Planning

1. The American Dream, In Memorium
2. What Do We Want From Our Job?
3. How To 'Do What You Love' And Still Be Able To Build A Career
4. Career Values, Strengths And Personality Types
5. Finding A Career Path You Will Love (And Prosper In)
6. Career Planning: 15 Things To Know
7. Working For A Big Company Vs Working For A Small Company
8. The Top Non-job Skills Recruiters /employers Love
9. How To Identify Your Marketable Skills
10. Where The Jobs Are (And Aren't): 14 Useful Lists Of Jobs
11. Do You Need A Degree To Succeed? Part 1
12. 10 Things To Do With A Liberal Arts Degree

Part 2: Your Resume

13. Resume 101
14. What To Put On A Resume When You Have Nothing To Put On It
15. What Skills To Put On Your Resume
16. Great Words For Your Resume
17. The 6 Seconds Test For Resumes (And To Survive It)
18. What Are Resume Screeners?
19. Writing Great Cover Letters

Part 3: Starting Out

20. How To Survive Psychometric Tests
21. A Quick Guide To Placement Tests
22. A Quick Guide To Personality Tests
23. How To Do Well At In-tray And E-tray Exercises
24. How To Get The Most Out Of Career Counseling
25. Working For Free To Get A Foot In
26. Making The Best Out Of Internships
27. Using A Career Consultant / Career Coach
28. How To Work With Executive Recruiters

Part 4: Job Search

29. 20 Steps To Any Successful Job Search
30. When Your Job Search Just Isn't Working
31. How To Get A Job When You Have No Relevant Experience
33. Three Innovative Job Hunting Ideas
34. Practical Tips For Job Search When You Have A Job
35. How To Handle Career Fairs
36. Online Job Search
37. How To Avoid Job Scams

Part 5: Job Interviews

39. Tips For Successful Job Interviews
40. How To Overcome Your Job Interview Anxiety
41. Interview Psychology
42. How To Handle A Tough Job Interview Successfully
43. Answering Most Difficult Interview Questions
44. Seven Red Flags You Should Watch For During Job Interviews
45. How To Identify A Dead-end Job During A Job Interview
46. How To Identify A Bad Boss During A Job Interview
47. The Most Awful Job Interview Mistakes According To Employers
48. How To Succeed At Your Video Interview
49. How To Handle A Stress Interview And Come Out Okay
50. How To Ace The Phone Interview
51. How To Ace The Panel Interview
52. How To Ace A Group Interview
53. How To Succeed In Coding Interviews
54. Internal Interviews
55. Behavioral Interviews

Part 6: Surviving The Workplace

56. How To Be A Shining Star At Work
57. How To Be An Awesome Professional
58. Career Management Basics
59. How To Be Powerful At Work And In Life
60. Why Hard Work Matters, And How We Can Work Hard
61. How To Be Lucky In Your Career
62. How To Make Yourself Irreplaceable
63. Loyalty Towards Skills, Not Your Employer
64. Stay Sharp
65. How To Take Risks And Come Out Okay Every Time
66. Listen To Your Gut: Your Instincts May Be Right
67. Integrity
68. Being A Better Employee
69. A Quick Guide To Jerks At Work
70. Working With Colleagues
71. How To Survive Workplace Conflicts
72. How To Manage Your Boss
73. The Essential Guide To Survive (Or Win At) Office Politics & Gossip
74. Networking To Build Your Career
75. How To Have A Career During Difficult Times
76. How To Successfully Work From Home (Or Telecommute Painlessly)
77. How To Negotiate Your Salary
78. How To Get A Salary Raise You Deserve
79. The Essential Guide To Getting Job Promotions And Rising Up In Your Dream Career
80. A Quick Guide To Mentors
81. How To Do Performance Reviews And Come Out Aces

Part 7: Marketing/Branding Yourself

82. How To Market Yourself And Sell Yourself Better
83. How You Can Be A Leader / Expert In Your Field
84. A Simple Guide To Creating A Successful Personal Brand
85. Simple Guide To Career Portfolios (And 'about Me' Pages) That Help You Get Work

Part 8: Surviving Your Career

86. Achieving A Work- Life Balance In Your Career
87. How To Downshift And Enjoy Life More
88. How To Survive And Be Happy In A Job You Hate
89. How To Reinvent Your Career Successfully
90. How To Change Careers And Come Out On Top
91. A Simple Guide To Quitting Your Job
92. How To Overcome And Avoid Work Related Burnout And Fatigue
93. The Company You Work For (And HR) Is Not Your Friend
94. Dealing With Mid Career Blues
95. Everything You Should Know About Layoffs (And Career Breaks)
95. Surviving Unemployment And Job Loss
96. How To Stop Sabotaging Your Career
97. How To Successfully Work From Home (Or Telecommute Painlessly)
97. How To Start And Run A Side Project Successfully

Part 9: Situation-wise Career Guides

98. The First Job Survival Guide
99. How To Survive, Succeed And Shine At Your New Job
100. Career Advice For College Students
101. Career Tips For Young People / Millenials
102. Essential Career Advice For Women
103. Seven Career Success Tips For Introverts
104. Career Advice For Coders, Engineers And Designers
105. Career Advice For Creative People
106. How Creative People Can Be An Authority Online
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