Freelancing skills

We either freelance by choice or when we have no other choice. We freelance despite the hard work - finding clients, getting clients to pay up, getting clients to pay more, maintaining work-life balance, trying our best to have a positive outlook, getting health insurance and saving for retirement/pension...being your own boss is a 24*7 job that is not fully recession proof and there are lean months every year. 


Now, let's find our more on succeeding as a freelancer. 

Guides in this section:

Freelancing skills
  1. How To Succeed As A Freelancer In This New Gig Economy
  2. Making A Living As A Web Developer/Web Designer
  3. 20+ important steps in establishing a full-fledged freelancing setup
  4. Freelancer or Employee?
  5. How to start freelancing without leaving your job
  6. Five Ways How Odds Work Against Every New Freelancer
  7. The Basic Legal/Financial Stuff Freelancers Have To Know
  8. How To Find Client/s When You Are Starting Out
  9. Setting Your Freelance Rates
  10. How To Improve Your Value As A Freelancer (And Make More Money)
  11. How Smart Freelancers Get Paid On Time
  12. How To Scale Your Freelance Business
  13. Succeeding On Freelance Job Websites
  14. The Client Flow
  15. A Quick Guide Through The Freelancing Contract
  16. Working With Clients
  17. Freelancing Troubleshooting Guide
  18. Dealing With Bad Clients



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