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How Smart Freelancers Get Paid On Time

Smart freelancers do smart things, obviously.


- When they are firm with their payment terms (which also include list of penalties for payment delays.)


- When they make sure clients make an upfront deposit (30-50%) before work starts. Some follow the 33/33/34 rule, getting paid 1/3 of total after each of three major stages of the work.


- When they adapt to the 'Net 30' terms by invoicing in chunks.


Net 30 means client will pay you 30 days after receiving the invoicing, which many mistakenly send out after end of work.


Smart way is to send in 3-4 invoices, chunking out the total, during various stages of work, thus somewhat reducing the financial stress and ensuring you are at least being paid a part every 15 days or so.


- When they save the client's credit card into their billing system (e.g. Freshbooks) and collecting part of the payment after a stage, as agreed upon, automatically, and an invoice is sent to the client.


No need to wait for the client to send the cheque.


Pro tip: Always send PDF invoices via email (acts as proof).


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