Self Help Skills

Having some 'me' time is not a cliche. Only when we are able to take care of our physical, spiritual and emotional well-being, will be able to give our best to our fellow human beings, sustainably.

Self help, or taking care of ourself is not a selfish thing. 

We may have all the skills, and we may work hard to get what we need or want, but life is a long affair, and our toils take their toll, pardon the pun. 

You need to relax, focus on health, saving money for a long life,, be positive minded and other stuff.  Recharge.

You are in it for the long run.

This section of The Success Manual has 23 guides.

Self Help Skills
  1. Checklist: Seven Simple Steps To Lead A Simple And Content Life
  2. Money: 35+ Most Important (And Useful) Things You Must Know About Money
  3. Healthy Life: The 35+ Most Important Things You Should Know About Nutrition, Dieting, And Fitness
  4. Sleeping Better: 11 Important Things To Know
  5. Stress Management: How To Reduce And Prevent Stress
  6. Stress Management: Coping Strategies
  7. Anger Management: How To Control Your Temper (Before It Controls You)
  8. Positive Thinking, A Simple Guide
  9. 15 Methods That Will Help You To Stop Worrying
  10. How To Be A Confident Person
  11. A Simple Guide To Self – Esteem
  12. How To Be Happy: 20 Things To Do That Will Make Us Happy
  13. What Makes Us Happy (According To Happiness Research & Surveys)
  14. How To Deal With Bullying
  15. How To Deal With Harassment
  16. How To Deal With Anxiety
  17. How To Deal With Silent Treatment
  18. How To Deal With Burnout
  19. How To Cope With Information Overload
  20. Nine Most Effective Relaxation Techniques
  21. The 12 Meditation Techniques Anyone Can Easily Use to Feel At Peace
  22. Mindfulness Mediation For Beginners
  23. Mindfulness Mediation For Beginners
  24. A Simple Guide To The Alexander Technique
  25. Believe in Yourself
  26. Life is a Photograph, You Need The Negatives To Develop
  27. Tyrion Lannister: Accept Your Shortcomings And Move Ahead
  28. Be Grateful, Boss
  29. Boiling Water Softens The Potato, And Hardens The Egg
  30. It is Always You Vs The World (and It's Alright)
  31. No One is Watching You
  32. Not Every Place You Fit In Is Where You Belong
  33. Forget Motivation. Just Start Doing It.
  34. Fall Down. Stand up.
  35. When Life Gives You Lemons, Eat Them
  36. You Need Discipline First, Not Motivation
  37. Being Sad Helps You Learn Stuff
  38. Question to Ask Yourself When You Are Not Okay
  39. Ships Only Sink When Water Gets In Them
  40. The Soul Doesn't Know About Deadlines
  41. Self Care Isn't Pretty But Is Totally Worth It
  42. Don't Let The Hard Days Stop You. Get Going.