Thinking Skills

Thinking skills, or how we make sense of the world, organize and categorize all the information that we receive, and then use  our understanding/reasoning  to make decisions, solve problems, create things (products/services), argue positions and other creative endevaors. 

An important aspect of thinking skills is to learn from action.

The best inventors, scientists, philosophers and creators are highly productive people. 

There are 13 guides in this section.

Thinking Skills
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  5. Business Problem Solving Skills: 15 Ways To Look At Business Problems
  6. How Top Business Consultants Solve Problems
  7. A Simple Guide To Lateral Thinking Skills
  8. Creativity Skills: 30 Things You Should Know About Creativity
  9. Thinking Like A Genius
  10. Neurobics: Seven Small Exercises To Keep Your Mind Fit
  11. Fast Reading Skills
  12. 21 Techniques For A Better Memory