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Neurobics: Seven Small Exercises To Keep Your Mind Fit

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1. Practice using both hands at once. Bounce two balls, stir two cups of tea. Try throwing two was of paper at a basket, one overhand, one underhand –simultaneously.


2. Think up 25 uses for a toothpick or elastic band.


3. Write a set of instructions for an everyday task, such as tying your shoelaces.


4. Use your non-dominant hand to brush your teeth, eat or apply make-up. Or, pick things up with your feet.


5. Close your eyes and move around your home. Concentrate on how you sense the presence of furniture or other people. Navigate by listening, smelling, even feeling different air temperatures.


6. Look inside your wardrobe for a few minutes, the shut the door. Make a descriptive list of everything inside. How much did you remember? Try this with a painting or a photograph.


7. Shake up one routine each day. Take a new route home; try a new sport instead of your normal workout.


A Sample Mental Fitness Regime For A Week


Saturday: Brush your teeth with your 'wrong' hand and take a shower with your eyes closed.

Sunday: Do the crossword or Sudoku puzzle in your Sunday paper and take a brisk walk.

Monday: Have oily fish for dinner, and either cycle, walk or take the bus into work.

Tuesday: Select unfamiliar words from the dictionary and work them into conversations.

Wednesday: Go to yoga, Pilates or a meditation class, and talk to someone you don't know.

Thursday: Take a different route to work; watch Countdown or Brainteaser.

Friday: Avoid caffeine or alcohol; memorize your shopping list.


(Source: The Guardian)


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