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Skills are important. More than ever before.
The Success Manual Editors have been simplifying skills for everyone for 15 years. We are passionate about the timeless credo of 'bettering yourself by teaching yourself'. We have written concise skill guides as well as useful todbits on people skills, creativity skills, business skills, writing skills, self help skills, self improvement skills, productivity / time management skills and so much more.

We Create Skill Guides To Help You Get The Most Out Of Life.

The Success Manual Guides are easy-to-follow skill guides contain proven advice from the best books and experts on any topic in an easy but straight-to-the-point style - no fluff, no digressions and anecdotes, and no 'gurus' branding themselves 24*7.
Our Mission: To improve the world's skills, so we all can enjoy more success at work, in this world & in life.
So, we create high-quality, well researched, & easy-to-read guides to essential skills, guides that help everyone be happy and successful at work & in life.
We want to create guides that help people get better at whatever they choose to do - manage, lead, start, create, fight, survive, win, learn...
Origins: We created the first Success Manual skills guide in 2003/2004. It was a slim volume of 130 pages. We have grown to 13 skills guides in 2019.
There are many books on career and self improvement advice. Just too many. Not one book gives you all that we need to know. And we need to know a lot of things to succeed in a highly competitive professional field.
Wouldn't it be great if we had the greatest hits in one place? That was the genesis point for The Success Manual Guides.

The Skills Gap

The 'skills gap' is real, people. No doubt, far more people are coming out of colleges and technical institues, armed with degrees and diplomas. However, recruiters everywhere will tell you many fresh graduates, even existing professionals, lack people skills and other essential communication (verbal, non-verbal, written and visual).
From The Wall Street Journal:
...employers and hiring managers across the country complain of a growing deficit of workers with adequate soft skills, including the ability to communicate, work in teams, take the initiative and pay attention to detail.
...(and) students with weak soft skills are only about one-third as likely to earn a college degree as those with strong soft skills, even after adjusting for their cognitive skills...
In The News: The Success Manual Guides have been covered in the media, for example, in The Financial Express and The Business Line newspapers in India.
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