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Mindfulness Mediation For Beginners

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What does mindfulness mean?

Mindfulness is simply being very calmly aware of the present ('now), of the body, the environment, of your activity as well as others, and at the same time filtering out all the thoughts of the past and the future. Mindfulness is about now.


You may not be wrong if you call mindfulness as 'nowfulness'.


Benefit of mindfulness: It is to help you be calm. No more swinging between the extremes of the thinking spectrum - being very aroused/agitated or very numb. Mindfulness helps you come back to the calm now, the very 'now'.


How does mindfulness work?


1. Observe your wandering mind, from one thought to another. The nerves inside your brain have an unimaginable number of forks along the freeway that is your brain.


2. Don't judge your thoughts. Don't get involved with your thoughts. Just look at them. Look at you obsessing with some person in the office, and next you are thinking you have had enough of eating chicken, and then a voice says finish all the work tonight on the freeway exits.


3. Do this often and you will begin the notice the patterns of your thoughts, where they join the freeway, why, and where do they get off.


4. Mindfulness being a style of meditation, it involves a quiet environment preferably, breathing deeply and the 'observing your thinking' part.


5. This being a kind of meditation, you will also find getting distracted a number of times, as it takes good practice (and then some) to sit quietly, but in time you will be aware of these distracting thoughts, and then be able to bring your attention back to the 'now', the breathing and observing.


6. Daily life mindfulness: Where you don't need to sit in a quiet place. Just be aware of your actions, observing your actions/body movements (e.g. the fingers pressing the black keys fast, and then stopping to get a hang of the next block in the sentence, then starting again...).


Observe your breathing whenever you can, it helps you focus. 


Thank you for reading.
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