Freelancing skills

Freelancer or Employee?

What employees have:

- A steady income and benefits (Health care, taxes, self promotion, vacation pay, retirement benefits, etc.)

- Opportunities for personal development, chances to rise and earn better

- More opportunities to mix and mingle with other people (colleagues)

- Opportunities to work from home (in some cases)and enjoy the freedom and flexibility which a freelancer enjoys, but with financial security.


What employees don't have:

- Job security

- Only a few chances to control tax outgoings (exemptions and such)


What freelancers have:

- More income potential: Set own hours, own rates

- Can deduct business expenses before paying taxes

- More work opportunities

- Freedom from office politics

- Freedom to have a lifestyle and set work to fit around it


What freelancers don't have

- The freedom to spend all the earnings right now. Taxes have to be estimated right now.

- The luxury to take it easy: The earnings are never enough. You always have to look for another job.

- An office: Many of us don't enjoy working from home


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