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How To Scale Your Freelance Business

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As a freelancer, you are basically working in a 'dollars-for-your-hours' economy, and thus you only have 24 hours each day and thus can only have a limited number of clients.


Here's how freelancers (in the writing and coding fields) have tried to scale their business, trying to make some money even when they are asleep, as basic as that.


1. Productizing their services: For example, a web designing outfit launches an online logo maker, which clients can use for a monthly fee, whenever they want, just register, add in their payment information and start making their own logos.


2. Creating softwares, plugins etc: Many design firms also create professional plugins for Wordpress CMS (Content Management System) - for things like eCommerce, newsletters etc.


3. Creating a SaaS (Software as a service offering): A rough example of SaaS is email 9gmail etc), which is essentially software as a service. SaaS is one step up from productizing your service (see #1), and is meant for needs that have to be met daily, hourly or all day long. In comparison, you only need to make a logo when you need to make a logo.


For example, Moz (previously SeoMoz) started out as popular SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts with a popular blog, and who launched a comprehensive link explorer/analyzer service for online marketers.


4. Set up a recurring revenue service: Many agencies who offer PPC (paid per click) management services follow the same model - managing clients' Adwords accounts (and others) for a fixed monthly fee.


5. Create a paid platform for fellow professionals in the same niche to share tips, work opportunities, skill up-gradation information etc.

Most online job boards have started out in the same fashion.


6. Upsell clients on extra stuff they might need: 'How about an infographic to accompany that big how-to article? It will make your content more shareworthy.'


7. Turn a problem into a product: This is the 'lemon squeeze', derived from 'when god gives you a lemon, sell lemonade'.

For example, a web developer gets too many queries about how to get the online store do more business, work faster etc. Turn that into a product or a book - '100 Most Asked eCommerce Questions.'


8. Sell physical stuff: Creative designers also open up shop on Shopify/Using Wordpress and sell t-shirts, caps, mugs, stationary etc with their designs etc.


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