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Creating A Good Personal Mission And Vision Statement

Personal statement

Of all the 'fancy' things educators want students to do! One such is to write in 1-3 lines all that students would like to do, and achieve in their future careers. This is supposed to encourage to encourage young people to imagine how their success would look like. Everyone parrots out the 'values' word, and this writer fears the word will lose its meaning from all the overuse.


This writer thinks: Why doesn't every one just write this for a change?


'Be a good and kind person. Have a healthy attitude towards life. Keep learning new things all the time. Be willing to do some give and take. And some money on the side would be nice.'


1. A vision statement explains 'what you want to be in future'.

A mission statement explains the things 'you will be doing at this moment' and how you will do those things. A mission statement is more involved with the day-to-day challenges of life, and vary by circumstances.


2. All good vision and mission statements start from a good purpose. (Read the guide to 'purpose').

Being a good and kind kind person is a good purpose. Being a good, helpful manager is a good purpose.


3. All good vision and mission statements are concise (short), clear and hopefully unpretentious.

Try not to give empty answers that Miss Universe/Miss World pageant contestants give. Keep it simple.

Also keep it very specific.


4. Questions to help find your vision statement:

- How do you want to be remembered?

- How do you want people to describe you?

- Who do you want to be?

- Who or what matters most to you?

- What are your deepest values?

- How would you define success in your life?

- What makes your life really worth living?


(Source: Questions used by the Corporate Athlete program)


5. Personal vision statement examples:

'I want to see my kids live in a clean, safe and sustainable neighborhood.'

' My vision is a world free of privacy nightmares such as Facebook.'


6. Personal mission statement example:

'My mission is to earn enough for my kids' education this year.'

'My mission is to help create and popularize an open-source Facebook.'


7. Writing 'personal statement' college admissions

First, remember the 4000 character and 47-line limits. Basically this is a longer, story-version of personal vision and mission statements.


You think about your 'purpose' in life. Then you find an angle (often how the subject impacts the world), and then you tell a story (how you came to know the problem, what your motivation/inspiration is), giving a brief first-hand account and what your plans are. Start with an attention-grabbing summary/important facts about the subject. Try not use cliches and 'miss universe' kind of statements.


And also, just Google search 'personal statement examples.'


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