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Mindset | Attitude

1. Attitude is how see ideas, activities, people, places, things, and situations.

Often, our attitudes are based on our past, our upbringing, oyr present circumstances and/or our innate nature.


For example, some people are enthusiastic about things right from childhood - the so-called 'gung-ho, can-do' attitude.


2. Attitude is mostly binary, of two type.

Negative or positive - or, - fixed mindset or growth mindset (see guide to 'mindset').

There is nothing fixed about the kinds of attitude though.


Different people, different definition. But you get the idea.


Everyone keeps sharing those cute attitude status messages on social media/Whatsapp etc.


3. The 'use-based' categorization of attitude:


Utilitarian: Attitudes that serve people's self-interest. Very popular in today's capitalist societies.

Knowledge: Attitudes that help define how the world works, how the scientists etc look at the world.

Ego-defensive: Attitudes used by people very sensitive about their self-esteem. In other words, the attitudes of defensive kind of people.

Value-expressive: Attitudes use dby people to give opinions on all kinds of issue - for all the things we stand for - our political views for example.


(Source: Daniel Katz)


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