Starting a business

Starting a Business: Validate yourself

Personal Analysis


Create this chart:


Column 1: Skills and Knowledge Needed to Run This Kind of Business Successfully

Column 2: Skills and Knowledge That I Have

Column 2: Skills and Knowledge Needed, Which I Don't Have, So I'm Going to Go Out and Hire Someone Who Has Them


(Source: 'What color is my parachute', by Richard Bolles)


Alternative method:

a. Make a list of 5 things you are good at.

b. Then make a second list of 5 things you love to do.

c. Then make a third list of where the first two lists overlap.

d. Read that list. Ask yourself, 'Will anyone pay me to do these things?'


(Source: Daniel Pink)




Your 'Risk' rating: Are you really a risk taker? Or, does debt keep you awake at night? Do I always see the downsides, ignoring the upsides? Do I fear competition from bigger players, or am I confident I can weave a path of success through the gaps of these heavy-footed players?


Every entrepreneur has doubts, second thoughts and fear. Your're not alone.


2. Have a Plan B (and C)

The saying goes like this, 'The Best battle plans go kaput when the first bullet is fired.' (paraphrased)


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