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How to use

The Inspiration for Skills of Victors
The inspiration for this 'encyclopedia of advice' came from the realization that most of us struggle at our jobs / getting ahead in life despite having all the technical skills (and good intentions). If we want to be successful at work and in life, many of us also need to know how to manage our relationships, communicate effectively, manage ourselves and know what works and what doesn't in career planning and management, among other important skills.

Soft skills rule
If you can't get along with others, convince others of your plans/offers/value, and get others to help you,  then you are stuck in your career/life. People who reach the top tend to have the soft skills in boxes.

200+ guides to succeeding in business, career and personal life
I didn't stop at soft skills though. I put in quick guides to all the skills I think we need sometime in our life, whether we are working for ot hers, freelancing, starting and running businesses, making a living...The Success Manual contains helpful guides to handle any problem in your career/life.

The secret to success
I know only three things.

1. Just put in the hours, do all you can, and hope for the best.

2. The value of 'give and take' - of always being relevant and useful to the other person/s.

3. Successful people are also great triers. They learn from their experience and forge on.

The structure of this book
I quote others only in order the better to express myself.
- Michel de Montaigne

I know you are smart. You don't need anecdotes, heavy theory and judgements based on 'survivor bias' (for example, all those 'How so and so made...'). You need the highlights. This is what this book does best. I wanted to create brief, readable, and always practical guides.  This book brings you the distilled wisdom from the top sources in any given topic - quotes, summaries, lists and useful headings. Use this so-called 'encyclopedia of advice' again and again. Often, you will find upon reading that you know it already. The guide is also meant to refresh your memory. Much of all career/self improvement advice is common sense advice. Get the advice and start doing stuff. That was my driving goal behind creating this unique resource.

How to use
Read whenever you want. There is so much to read. This is not a 'start to end' kind of guide collection. 

Use the 'skills' dropdown.  Click on any category you want to read and then zero in on a particular guide. You may be an employee stuck in a career that no longer excites, or you may be a fresh graduate starting out in a pretty tough field, or you want to be your own master. 

What do you need right now? What is the most serious career/life-related problem for you right now?  Start using this 'just-in-time' coach right now.

Where to start
The part about 'Career Success' has 100+ guides, covering all the important career questions, is a good place to start.

Other popular sections include 'Take care of yourself' and 'Manage yourself better'. My favorite guide is on 'Growth Mindset'. All the best.

P.S. About The Simple Project
I started it in 2000, with a grand goal of 'simplyfing' things, creating easy-to-use 'all-in-one' kinds of products/services.

I have been working on The Success Manual series of guides on and off for 16 years now.

The online version of The Success Manual was created using a simple book creator CMS (Content Management System)  that I developed over the past year.