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The Best All-in-one Skills Book Ever

Get Proven Tips From 1000+ Top Books and Experts on 250+ Important Work And Personal Skills. All in One Book.
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Buy it. Read it. Gift it. Finally, someone gave us all we needed to know to get ahead, in one book. - Mercy Bell, Buyer
We have been selling this book since 2004. We wanted to create the ultimate 'encyclopedia of advice'.

As of today, we have covered 250+ most important job and personal skills. We have gone through 1000+ best business, career, self help / self improvement books and experts. We distilled the best advice, in form of actionable tips and tactics, bringing all of it in one place, saving you precious time and money.
Use this powerful all-in-one resource to get instant help on almost any business, career or personal problem.
Work & Personal Skills Covered Inside: Communication skills, Self help skills, Self improvement skills, Productivity & time management skills, Writing skills, Business skills, Freelancing skills, Thinking skills & more...
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