Self Help Skills

Life is a Photograph, You Need The Negatives To Develop

Motivation | Graphic

Life is a photograph

Self Help Skills

Believe in Yourself

Positive thinking | Motivation | Graphic

Time Management / Productivity Skills

Two Easy Time Management Hacks That Really Work

Time management

I just found a list of easy-to-use time management tips on Clicktime. Two tips that I really find to be pratical are:   1. Focus on Tasks Linked to Revenue This is a no-brainer.  ...
Time Management / Productivity Skills

Seven Useful Tips For Tracking Time Using Google Calendar

Jennifer at has written in detail about making the best use of Google Calandar for tracking your working time. In summary, those seven tips are: 1. Create Clear and Consistent Meeti...
Communication Skills

Infographic: Body Language Cues and Spotting Lies

Communication skills | Body language | Infographic

A pretty useful, detailed infographic on different body language cues and spooting lies, by Daisy Hartwell.
Time Management / Productivity Skills

Top 25 Productivity Techniques (Graphic)

Productivity skills | Time management skills


You Are Not Alone

Rules for young people #27: Don't expect anyone else to support you

Quotes | Rulesforyoungpeople


You Are Not Alone

Rules for young people #26: Take it easy

Quotes | Rulesforyoungpeople


You Are Not Alone

Rules for young people #25: Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life

Quotes | Rulesforyoungpeople


You Are Not Alone

Rules for young people #24: Youth is the real beauty

Quotes | Ruelsforyoungpeople


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