12 Acronyms Useful In Studying Better

study skills acronyms


1. P.O.R.P.E.
A strategy to prepare for exams by predicting the questions on the exam:

Predict, Organize, Rehearse, Practice, and Evaluate

2. P.L.A.N.
A reading/study skills strategy: 

3. D.I.D.L.S.
A technique for analyzing the style of a piece of literature:

Diction (choice of words), Imagery, Details, Language, and Syntax (structure and patterns of sentences).

4. C.R.O.W.N.
A closure technique that helps you reflect on the completed lesson:

Communicate what you learned. Reaction. Offer one sentence that sums up what the whole lesson was about. Where are some different places you could use this? Note how well we did today.

5. L.I.N.K.
An activity to help you activate prior knowledge before beginning a new topic.

List, Inquire, Note, Know
6. A.G.O.
Edward de Bono's strategy to help you analyze the reasons behind actions:

Aims, Goals, Objectives

7. S.Q3.R.
Survey, Question, Read, Recall, Review. 

Quickly Surveying the whole thing (i.e. look but not in detail), next note down your Question areas, then Read it in detail, Recall your questions and Review the material you've read.  

8. R.T.Q.2
Read The Question Twice. 

A very useful reminder for text-based exams, especially multiple choice tests, to help avoid making silly mistakes when the answer is known but given incorrectly due to rushing and misreading the question.

9. R.U.C.S.A.C.
Read the question - Understand the question - Choose the right operation and method of calculation - 

10. D.I.C.T.A.T.E.
D – Define the problem
I – Ideas, brainstorm ideas
C – Chose one of the ideas as a solution
T – Try the solution
A – Analyze, did the solution work?
T – Try another idea if the first solution didn’t work
E – Enjoy the process

For Maths Solving

11. P.I.E.S. (Solving word problems - maths)
Picture: Draw a simple picture showing the situation
Information: Find important facts (information) and list them next to the picture
Equation: Find an equation which match the information on the picture
Solve: Insert information from picture into equation and solve algebraically

12. C.U.B.E.S. 
-Circle key numbers
-Underline the questions
-Box math action words
-Evaluate: What steps do I take?
-Solve and Check


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