Writing Skills

A Quick Guide To Copywriting (Writing To Sell)


Copywriting in a nutshell:


- Say something that gets attention. (The main benefit statement – which is targeted at a big problem for your target customer)

E.g. 'Save your hard-earned money and precious time by...'


- Tell them why they should be interested. (severity of their problem/needs, and benefits of your product/solution)

E.g. 'Stop wasting money on useless, repetitive books that do nothing to help your career.'


- Tell them why they should believe what you are saying is true. (Handle objections)

E.g. 'This is cheaper than a Starbucks cup of coffee.'


- Prove it is true. (Collect and show all Testimonials).

Give links to testimonials from customers on Facebook, Twitter, blogs etc. Include their picture (if this is a web page.)


- Itemize and describe all benefits. (bullet list)


- Establish Your Uniqueness: The one thing that makes you stand out from others.

E.g. 'The first and only book of its kind.'


- Tell them how to order.


- Tell them to order now.


- The Risk Reversal (e.g. 30-day return policy)


- Make sure the right people see your ad/sales letter


Avoid sugary testimonials.


Testimonials that work tell a story.


- The best testimonials share the concerns and hesitation someone had before buying: 'I was concerned about the technology or I wasn’t sure it would be worth the investment.'

- They talk about what happened as a result of buying: 'The return on investment was almost immediate.'

- They highlight a specific feature or benefit: 'The software helped identify new opportunities for growth.'

- They list additional benefits: 'I’m a more confident more energized more knowledgeable business owner.'

- They make a recommendation: 'If you’re looking for ways to build a stronger more credible online presence ABC Company can help.'


(Source: 'The Brain Audit: Why Customers Buy (and Why They Don't) ' by Sean D'Souza


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