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A Quick Guide To Great Words for Your Resume

Resume | Power words

Here are words that sound good on resumes of college students. You are just starting our, with no experience, but you got to show your value:

- Fluent (so you know languages)

- Hnors (so you were a good student), led (so you have leadership qualities)

- Achievement (so you were a great student), and

- Dean's list (so you were a remarkably spectacular student).


Examples of 'fluffy words' to remove from your resume




Highly skilled



Good communicator




Team player

Extensive experience

Participated in







Also read the guide to 'resumes', which covers what should go in each section of your resume.


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Action words/Power Verbs for Resume and Cover Letters



- Use present tense verbs in your profile and qualifications summary and when creating task, responsibility and accomplishment bullet points for a current position.


- Use past-tense verbs to describe previous positions and work experience.



Accelerated, Generated, Prescribed, Accomplished , Grew, Produced, Achieved, Honored, Prevailed, Arose, Improved, Raised, Attained, Increased, Realized, Awarded, Introduced, Reduced, Chosen, Lessened, Revitalized, Completed, Mastered, Streamlined, Consummated, Maximized, Surpassed, Circumvented , Minimized, Topped, Established, Outperformed , Transformed, Exceeded, Overachieved , Won, Founded, Overcame



Addressed, Disseminated , Profiled, Advertised, Documented, Proofread, Advised, Drafted, Publicized, Alerted, Edited, Published, Amended, Emailed, Queried, Announced, Generated, Questioned, Answered, Emphasized, Recorded, Arbitrated, Explained, Relayed, Articulated, Expressed, Reported, Authored, Framed, Responded, Branded, Highlighted, Rewrote, Briefed, Informed, Scribed, Broadcasted, Interacted, Search Engine Optimized (SEO’d), Chronicled, Interfaced, Shared, Circulated, Interpreted, Socialized, Cited, Interviewed, Specified, Clarified, Liaised, Spoke, Commended, Listened, Suggested, Communicated , Logged, Synthesized, Compiled, Mediated, Talked, Condensed, Moderated, Telegraphed, Consulted, Narrated, Transcribed, Contacted, Notated, Translated, Conveyed, Notified, Transmitted, Convinced, Outlined, Tweeted, Corresponded , Penned, Verbalized, Crowd Sourced , Portrayed, Wrote, Debated, Posted, Defined, Presented, Detailed, Proclaimed



Accentuated, Drew, Merchandised, Advertised, Enhanced, Originated, Animated, Enlivened, Patented, Architected, Envisioned, Personalized, Brainstormed , Exhibited, Piloted, Captivated, Fashioned, Pioneered, Captured, Formulated, Photographed, Composed, Graphed, Redesigned, Conceived, Hypothesized , Renewed, Conceptualized, Illustrated , Revolutionized, Crafted, Imaged, Sculpted, Created, Imagined, Shaped, Customized, Improvised, Showcased, Designed, Initiated, Sketched, Devised, Innovated, Storyboarded, Differentiated, Instituted, Unveiled, Displayed, Invented, Visualized, Drafted, Marketed



Advocated, Enabled, Led, Aroused, Energized, Lobbied, Assembled, Encouraged, Mentored, Bolstered, Engaged, Mobilized, Campaigned, Enlisted, Modeled, Catapulted, Enticed, Moderated, Chaired, Enthused, Motivated, Challenged, Focused, Nurtured, Championed, Furthered, Parlayed, Coached, Garnered, Persuaded, Compromised, Guided, Rallied, Counseled, Ignited, Sparked, Drove, Influenced, Spearheaded, Elected, Infused, Spurred, Elicited, Inspired, Steered, Empowered, Instilled, Stimulated


Project Management/Supervisory work

Absorbed, Discharged, Prepared, Accounted for, Dissolved, Prioritized, Accrued, Dispensed, Procured, Acted, Dispersed, Projected, Adopted, Doubled, Promoted, Administered , Economized, Provisioned, Aligned, Elevated, Pruned, Allocated, Eliminated, Quantified, Amended, Enacted, Ratcheted, Anticipated, Ensured, Rated, Appointed, Estimated, Reapportioned, Appraised, Examined, Recognized, Appropriated , Executed, Recommended, Approved, Extracted, Recruited, Assessed, Facilitated, Redefined, Audited, Forecasted, Reinforced, Augmented, Fought, Reigned in, Authorized, Fulfilled, Reorganized, Avoided, Furnished, Researched, Benchmarked, Funded, Restructured, Budgeted, Gained, Required, Calculated, Gauged, Reversed, Capitalized, Governed, Reviewed, Carried out, Hired, Revised, Carved out, Injected, Risked, Cemented, Intervened, Saved, Charged, Justified, Seized, Charted, Leveraged, Set goals, Checked, Magnified, Sharpened, Chose, Managed, Shortened, Commanded, Mandated, Slashed, Commended, Maneuvered, Solicited, Compared, Measured, Sourced, Complied, Mitigated, Supervised, Contracted, Monitored, Sustained, Controlled, Mounted, Terminated, Convened, Navigated, Transferred, Critiqued, Normalized, Trimmed, Cut, Off shored, Tripled, Decided, Orchestrated , Turned, Deduced, Outsourced, Vetted, Delineated, Oversaw, Weighed, Delegated, Planned, Withstood , Designated, Praised, Directed, Predicted



Acknowledged , Diversified, Melded, Amassed, Embraced, Merged, Anchored, Elevated, Nominated, Assimilated, Encouraged, Organized, Augmented, Energized, Participated, Balanced, Enlisted, Partnered, Blended, Forged, Supplemented, Buoyed, Fostered, Syncopated, Collaborated , Gathered, Teamed, Coalesced, Harmonized, United, Contributed, Ignited, Volunteered, Coordinated, Joined, Wove, Cultivated, Married


Technical Work

Accelerated, Equipped, Qualified, Added, Evaluated, Quality Assured, Adopted, Expunged, Ranked, Aggregated, Extended, Realigned, Analyzed, Extracted, Rebooted, Applied, Extrapolated , Rebuilt, Assembled, Fabricated, Reconciled, Authenticated, Finalized, Reconstructed, Automated, Fine-Tuned, Recovered, Backed-up, Formatted, Rectified, Balanced, Functionalized, Re-engineered, Blocked, Grouped, Refreshed, Boosted, Hosted, Reinforced, Branched, Identified, Rehabilitated, Bridged, Implemented, Released, Built, Initialized, Remodeled, Bundled, Installed, Replicated, Calculated, Integrated, Restored, Calibrated, Isolated, Retooled, Certified, Launched, Retrieved, Changed, Licensed, Retrofitted, Checked, Linked, Revamped, Classified, Loaded, Revised, Cleaned, Maintained, Road mapped, Cleansed, Manufactured , Rolled out, Cleared, Mapped, Rotated, Coded, Mechanized, Routed, Collocated, Merged, Safeguarded, Computed, Migrated, Salvaged, Computerized , Mined, Scanned, Configured, Mirrored, Scoped, Consolidated , Mobilized, Scrubbed, Constructed, Modeled, Secured, Corrected, Modified, Selected, Debugged, Moved, Sequenced, Deciphered, Networked, Solved, Decoded, Neutralized, Stabilized, Dedicated, Operated, Standardized, Defended, Optimized, Straddled, Delivered, Overhauled, Systematized, Deployed, Packaged, Tested, Digitized, Patched, Toggled, Discovered, Penetrated, Traced, Dispatched, Pinpointed, Transitioned, Distributed, Prevented, Updated, Duplicated, Prioritized, Upgraded, Enabled, Processed, Validated, Engineered, Programmed, Verified, Enhanced, Protected, Virtualized, Eradicated, Prototyped, Web-enabled, Estimated, Provisioned



Assessed, Enriched, Lectured, Adapted, Enrolled, Showed, Advised, Familiarized , Taught, Demonstrated , Honed, Trained, Demystified, Indoctrinated , Tutored, Dispensed, Informed, Educated, Instructed


User/Technical Support

Appeased, Formatted, Resolved, Allayed, Inspected, Responded, Ascertained, Inventoried, Satisfied, Assisted, Investigated, Scheduled, Assured, Issued, Served, Cabled, Labeled, Serviced, Closed, Located, Set up, Connected, Logged, Shipped, Corrected, Monitored, Supported, Diagnosed, Performed, Sustained, Dispatched, Pleased, Ticketed, Dissected, Prioritized, Tracked, Eased, Racked, Trailed, Escalated, Remedied, Triaged, Expedited, Repaired, Troubleshot, Fixed, Requisitioned – Uncovered


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