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Achieving A Work-Life Balance In Your Career

There are people who believe that an ideal work-life balance is possible for all of us. Then there are also those who say there is no such thing as work life balance, but only how we pace ourselves in our working life.


The optimists' take on achieving a work-life balance:


- If you are determined to succeed in your working life, you should choose a work – life balance which is more about work than about off-hours.


- For people who enjoy work, the work- life balance discussion is irrelevant. Mostly, these are people who want success at all costs.


- If you really do not enjoy work, then your work–life balance is not the real problem. Your problem is to find work that you really enjoy.


- You will not find much satisfaction if you 'want it all': Work as much as you want, without missing out on life. It is good form to do things like part-time work, work from home, flextime etc, but all these come with their own trade-offs and then it is up to you how far can you work with compromises.


- Compartmentalize your life. This is a good start. Leave the office at the office. Turn off your phone, email (both are now on same device). Stop worrying. See what happens. Have some 'valid' explanations if they really ask back at the office the next day.


- Give it some perspective: Why are you doing all the things you are doing? Do you need the extras in your life? Do you really need all that stuff at home, or do you really need to do all that extra stuff at office? It is all your choice all along. You can change things anytime. You can modify things anytime.


The pessimist's take on work-life balance:


Work-life balance does not exist. That's all folks, pack up time. Good night.


The pessimists believe that work-life balance is not the ultimate solution. They say it is inherently unnatural. They say there there never can be an equal, perfect distribution of time, energy, and focus allocated to our professional and personal lives.


Stop trying to achieve work-life balance; instead focus your energy, time, and attention on finding our own pace and our own rhythm for your life.

- Carson Tate


Do whatever that sticks, my friend.


Thank you for reading.
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