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Do You Need A Degree To Succeed? Part 1



Disadvantage of not having a degree:

A degree is a filtering mechanism. When you don't have a degree, chances are, most of the time screeners (HR, resume databases) are set up to filter out non-degree resumes.


Advantages to having a degree:

1. People will think you can focus

You have gone through a series of assignments and tests over an extended period of time.


2. People will think you are well rounded

You have gone through friends, with their diverse range of abilities and interests. You also had access to libraries, professors, experts etc, presumably giving you a better exposure to a lot of topics.


3. People will think you are comfortable with structure

Classes, schedules, formulas, teachers...all these sound same as hierarchy, templates and authority figures. You get the idea, right?


Advantages to not having a degree:

You have spend less time on theory and more time doing stuff.

Hopefully, more learning from doing more things. In other words, you have experience.


If you’re just starting out:

This is going to be a little tougher.


1. You will have to prove that you can actually do what you say you can do.


How to do that: Portfolio, References, Online Samples (codes on Github, websites, books/ebooks, articles...)


2. You can go for some industry-related certifications.

Better if you can work and study at the same time.


Thank you for reading.
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