Experts We Love Most For Their Advice

We went through 1000+ books and so many experts while curating the best advice for The Success Manual guides. Here's a short list of experts in their fields, we love most.


We Like Business Advice From These Experts:

1. Peter Drucker
2. Tom Peters
3. Robert Maxwell
4. Seth Godin
5. Warren Buffet
6. Peter Lynch
7. Guy Kawasaki
and many many more!
We Like Writing Advice From:
8. Ernest Hemingway
9. George Orwell
10. Elmore Leonard
11. Kurt Vonnegut
 and many more famous writers!
We Like Self Help Advice From
12. Dale Carnegie
13. Deepak Chopra
14. Napoleon Hill
and almost all the top self-help gurus!


(Besides, most self help advice is repetitive and banal, especially, self help advice of today. That is what we have learnt after going through 1000+ top self help and self improvement books.)
Personal Wisdom from 
15. Bertrand Russell
16. Mahatma Gandhi
17. Thoreau
and all the great names from human history!

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