Four Acronyms Useful In Survival Situations


A helpful acronym used by the U.S. Military during survival situations::

Size up the situation - your physical condition, supplies and equipment, surrounding environment, your opponents condition.

Use all your senses -  because it’s easy to get caught up in one sense in a high-stress situation.   

Remember where you are.

Vanquish fear and panic - take a deep breath, focus only on what you need to do.

Improvise and improve -   when you have nothing left to loose, be creative.

Value living - focus on the good things in life to motivate yourself. Remember what you are fighting for, the people that you love, and so on.

Act like the natives, when away from home. As the saying goes, ‘When in Rome…’

Live by your wits- most importantly, live in the moment.

Stop and Sit: And take a deep breath.

Think: Take a mental inventory of your options before you do anything. Prioritize.    

Observe:  What is noteworthy and useful for purposes of building a fire or shelter, or pose a risk?  What is the weather like?

Plan:  Use all the data you have gathered, and don’t panic.

A useful self-defense technique of dealing with attackers, indicating where to hit quickly and with most force:

Solar-Plexus (Stomach) Instep Nose Groin

Aka the 4 F’s of survival - 4 basic, primal needs that we must satisfy to survive and prosper.   
Feed (eat)
Fornicate (mate)


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