13 Great Career Networking Quotes

Career advice

1. Follow the George Costazana (Seinfeld) rule: After one really good conversation or joke, leave. 
- Anonymous

2. What goes around, comes around.
- Anon.

3. Lunch with at least one weirdo per month.
- Tom Peters

4. Networking happens one on one, not at anything that's billed as a 'Networking event.' 
- Anonymous

5. At a business meal, do not turn to business until the meal has been ordered and the menus taken away. 
- Mark McCormack

6. 'Career Networking' events are filled with people you don't want in your network. 
- Anon

7. The Thickness of Your Rolodex matters.
- Tom Peters

8. At least 85% of your job is effective communication with the people you work with. Objectives, plans, and ideas are worthless unless everyone involved understands them well enough to take action.
- Josh Kaufman

9. Rather than telling an associate, 'You look good in that suit,' tell the person, 'That suit looks good on you.' 
- Dale Carnegie

10. You should be suspicious of someone who nods and speaks in the affirmative, but has their arms crossed. 
- Dale Carnegie

11. Sandwich every bit of criticism between two heavy layers of praise. 
- Mary Kay Ash

Counter Rule: If someone is truly underperforming, don't sugarcoat it. Be direct. 
12. If you're interested in obtaining something from someone else, always preface your request with 'I have a favor to ask you' as people hate turning down favors. 
- N. Bruce Ashwill
13. Don't cut off the early chatter and small talk of a new group -- the tendency of people to tell stories that seem irrelevant is part of the process of group integration. Don't interrupt them as irrelevancies which must be suppressed. 
- Harold Leavitt


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