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Handling Internal Job Interviews

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In many large companies, they fill out some vacancies by promoting from the ranks or shifting employees from other departments. This can be a good thing for the employees, who want to move forward in their career paths smoothly, without having to run the whole exhausting and time consuming gamut of job search.



- Many company employees think internal interviews to be redundant since they have been working at the place for a while, having gone through multiple appraisals themselves.

- Other employees are cynical about the interval interviews, thinking that politically-savvy employees have the best chances.

- Often, employees take these internal interviews too lightly, being very informal with interviewers who they have worked with side by side.


Experts suggest we take internal interviews as seriously as we take external interviews- do our research on the new job, list our relevant skills and experience and answer all questions objectively and seriously.


Things to do:

- Inform your boss before you go for the internal interview, of your plan to shift, if the new job means moving to another team/department.

- Research the job, the new team/department, especially what they seek in the new 'hire'

- Find out who will be interviewing you (often it is the boss you will be working for).

- Don't take anything for granted.


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