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How to Ace A Group Interview

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The Group Interview is like 'Survivor' of interviews. They call in a bunch of candidates, often all of them (10-12 max.) and then you have to stand out, without sounding off as any loud and necessarily brash 'Survivor' personality, no shouting or arguing, just some professional and calm giving of information. Remember: You have to be nice and easy to two groups of people here.


Come prepared

The research (job, company, industry), copy of your resume, practices answers to the tough questions (mostly, about when you faced a challenge) and so on. It is also a good idea to arrive with time at hand so you can look around the office too (if it seems okay to do so)- posters, notices, demeanor of employees, etc.


Greet your interviewer and co-interviewees and introduce yourself, i.e. you name at first.


Elevator pitch

Have a relevant 15-25 seconds elevator pitch that answers the 'Tell me about yourself' introductory question.


Listen a lot, listen carefully

Listen to the questions clearly, to the answers other people are giving (maybe they know something you don't know about the job) and be alert.


No need for you to be always the first with an answer

That makes you appear too eager, and no one likes an over-achiever. Only make sure you are the first to raise your hands with an answer after every or so answers. Better scenario: No one raises their hand, so you can calmly raise your and stand out easily for the interviewer.


Come off as kind and supportive to answers from some other interviewers.

You nod your head in agreement, for example. Not only do you come off as a supportive team player with leader potential, they can also see you have been listening.


Nodding and smiling, not stiff and nervous


Ask good questions

Of course they tell us to ask about the job, the company etc., but often something will turn up in a group interview, something others said or were asked, and that will give a chance to ask a real interesting question. But, don't come off as 'smart', you know? Ask useful stuff, something people will notice.


Thank Your interviewer and co-Interviewees

Shake hands. Show your manners.


Thank you for reading.
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