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How To Ace The Phone Interview

Job interview tips

The phone interview is a good screening process for selecting able candidates. You want to come out clear and confident in the phone interview, giving them a clear idea of your potential without sounding cocky.


Be as prepared as you are for a normal interview: Do your research about the job, company etc. Keep a copy of your resume with yourself.


Cut out any extra noise, see the reception is fine (mobile phone)


Listen very carefully: Look for any vocal cues. Is the interviewer sounding distracted? Is he rushing things (maybe he is going through list of people to call)? And so on.


Ask questions if you don’t understand


Stand up or walk during the interview: It brings more energy to your answer, people who support this idea say.


Speak clearly, not too fast, not too soft.


Give full answers without being talkative about it.


Have a couple STAR (Situation- Tactics- Results) stories ready for the, if they want to get an idea about your resourcefulness, problem-solving ability, willingness to step up and get things done and/or some skill they’re looking for.


Be comfortable and nice throughout the interview. Phone interviews are often screening tools for the main events, the real interviews.


They advise us to be practice being natural and spontaneous: Practice answers to the all the tough questions you think they may ask.


They also advise us not to use canned answers from online articles or books. Understand the structure of the answer and make it your own.


It is okay to be nervous. A good way to deal with it is to tell the interviewer you are sorry for being nervous. Honesty works.


Don't brag.


To get an idea about how you did on your phone interview


- If they give you good feedback right during the interview, it is a good sign.

- Longer phone interviews (or any longer interview) are good sign.

- If they gave positive-sounding responses to your answers, it is a good sign.

- If the interviewer's tone is pleasant throughout, it is a good sign.

- If the interviewer laughed or seems happy, it is a good sign.

- If the interviewer asks follow-up questions to your answer, it shows they are interested and want to know more.

- A common positive sign is when they close the phone call saying you could be expecting to hear from them, that is a good sign no doubt.


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