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How To Be An Awesome Professional

What is professionalism?

An awesome professional more than just doing a job very well (some say it is). It is also how you do the job, how elegantly you carry, how expertly you deal with customers and colleagues, how you reek of responsibility and accountability, how you control your emotions in public, how cool you are despite the situation, knowing perfectly what you need to do and what will happen next, how dedicated you are towards your job of providing value, the pride you take in your work...basically, how you conduct yourself as you go about your working life. This is the meaning of professionalism.


Being a professional is not only about having great etiquette. Any fool can Google things like 'dining etiquette'. But can this fool really Google how to do his job well in real time, under real world situations?


(P.S. If you need, it is okay to Google stuff like 'professional dress etiquette', 'office etiquette', 'global etiquette' and so on. No one is judging, friend)


A good professional is always on guard, watching what one says in public (yes, Facebook, I am also looking at you), thinking thrice before giving any negative comments or public appraisals.


A good professional knows reputation is everything, offline or online (yes, Facebook, I am again also looking at you). A good professional empty words mean empty reputations. Action speak louder than words- a good professional knows how to rescue this cliche from the depths.


A good professional knows the value of a sturdy work ethic and that good habits form the base of a good work ethic. Thus, a good professional also knows the value of willpower in helping good habits- how you have to sacrifice fluffy stuff to gain important stuff.


A good professional knows when to say “No, even to their own employers, because. They have certain lines they won’t cross.


A good professional might not show it, but a good professional shows the 'care', that is a feeling that makes us all do great things. 


Thank you for reading.
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