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How To Be Lucky In Your Career

Fortune favors the brave.

Fortune also favors the good.


That's all there is to know about being lucky in your career.


Luck is not just a 'day dream', or just 'wishful thinking'.


A 'lucky break' happens while we are working. It happens when have done the back-end job- the preparation (e.g. new skills, networking) before the end game. It is more than being lucky- we make the bed we sleep in.


Five things that help make our own luck:


- When we are open to reaching out to others and new ideas

- When we listen to our 'feeling', believing we will succeed ultimately (self belief)

- When we are able to create our Plan B quickly

- When we grasp at even the small opportunities- knowing fully well we can work at them to bigger effects.

- When we persist at creating good habits: Starting with that golden rule- start the day early and healthy. Another good habit is learning new things, within or outside our niche.


In short, the 'luck formula' is: You keep bringing skills, intelligence and action to your game everyday, and one day, success will be around the corner.


A caveat: Some conditions also make it easier to get lucky.


It is easier to make it in the United States than in India- better facilities, better opportunities, better mindset, and so on.


Within the United States, software startups find more success in the Silicon Valley (great technical colleges, lots of venture capital offices, basically lots of smart people crammed together).


In such a world, the 'luck formula' is revised:

Do the right things, learn the right skills and put yourself in the right environment, and success will be yours!


Thank you for reading.
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