Time Management / Productivity Skills

How To Delegate And Get More Work Done


1. Delegating has two big benefits: You get to do more and the team gets to do more and learn more as well.


2. Delegating is of two kinds: Hard delegation (where you tell them exactly what you need to get done and how it must be done), and Soft Delegation (where you work it with them what needs to be done, but you let them do it their own way, and you are around to give support if needed.)


3. Delegating is about matching the right people with the right responsibilities at the right time.


4. Delegating is not about micromanaging: looking over their shoulders all the time, wasting your (and theirs) energy on trivial stuff.


5. Delegating is also about doing things smartly: It is about not taking responsibility for tricky issues which you think could blow back. For example, craft managers will create committees to make recommendations on contentious matters. The rule is: when in doubt, delegate.


6. As a boss, you must something different from your team: Organize and build the team; manage the team politics; and find the right assignments for the team and for each team members.


7. Explain clearly what you expect from the person/s. If they haven't understood, brief them until they get what needs to be done, and what success looks like.


8. If the team gets the job done using any ethical means, you don't need to get up worked up about it.


9. Be around, encouraging people if they need it.


10. Give your people the opportunities to learn new stuff, and to learn themselves in the process, when they have control over what and how they are going at the task.


11. Don't always delegate the routine tasks, but sometimes meaningful tasks too.


12. Delegate the praise, but never the blame. The final responsibility is yours. You become bigger by sharing the praise too.


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