How To Give Impromptu Speeches

1. Pros/Cons method: Pick out pros and cons of the subject at hand. 'On one hand...'/'On the other hand...'


2. The History method: Start with 'In the past...' and then 'Now, time have changed...'


3. The USP method: If you know you subject inside out, list out the unique selling propositions.


4. The Getting Personal method: Charm the audiences by enforcing a personal stake in your talk. 'When I was young, they used to say that...'


5. The Audience flirt method: Pick someone from the audience. Let him introduce himself. Weave your talk around him.


6. The Self Deprecating method: Make fun of yourself - 'For an idiot like me...'


7. The Joker method: Pepper you talk with jokes.


8. The 'Know it all' method: Take inspiration from all you know or relate what you know to the topic at hand - use historical figures, things you have learnt on the Discovery channel, quotes from great people, the classics, great literature, movies...


Tip: People like it best if you can weave in historical dates and incidents into your talk.


9. The PREP Method of Impromptu Speaking


P: Point

State your point to the question.


R: Reason

State a reason/s why you raised your point.


E: Example

Give an illustration which supports your above-mentioned case.


P: Prep

Which leads us to the next point.


10. The Journalist's method

You are telling a Story. Revisit the reporting basics:


5 Ws: Who? What? Where? When? Why?

H: How


An easy template for impromptu speaking


Greeting: Pretty obvious; you want to say hello.

Event: State why everyone’s gathered, what the event is about, etc. Starting off with, 'As we all know…'

Common Ground: Discuss something relatable to you and your audience. Maybe start this part off with 'Like many of you, I…'

Why You’re Speaking: Include why you’ve been chosen to speak. What gives you the right to speak on this topic?

Call to Action: Finally, end with a call to action, let’s all toast… let’s have a round of applause. This is a natural closer.


(Source: Reddit)


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