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How To Identify A Bad Boss During A Job Interview

Job interview tips

The bad boss sticks out when you start asking smart questions during the job interview. The tips below assume your boss will be present during the job interview.


The Harvard Business Review suggests you ask questions about how your day-to-day tasks will go, or how the company has made plans for the future and how does it plan to work for that future. You want to know how the boss thinks.


You also want to know the manner in which the boss responds to these questions.


A good boss will be willing to discuss your day-today job in detail, or give ideas about company's plans for the future in an engaged manner.


A difficult boss will answer your question with series of own questions- 'Haven't you done this job before?', 'Are you afraid the company will fold within a couple of years?', and so on.


You will get an idea of the work approach of the boss.


You also want to see how the boss responds to questions about their management style, or about the group/company culture.


If your boss says she/he likes to be involved with the work of the team all the time, giving them tips and direction, looking at weekly reports, and other example of 'always looking over the shoulders' behavior, think before you work for a micro-managing boss.


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