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How To Identify A dead-end job During A Job Interview

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All jobs are a dead end, you have to work for someone, take orders from someone, and be part of a machine.


For this guide's purpose, a 'dead-end' job is a job which will not help you grow as a professional, or be of much interest beyond a certain point. Most often, these so-called 'dead end' jobs are a result of the company not thinking the business operations completely, or there is no promotion from that job. A 'dead-end' job is a job no one wants to do.


- They can never clearly explain the job (e.g. day-to-day job) to you, using vague business buzzwords ('take your career to the next level')

- They won't tell you what happened to the previous person in that position, how he left or whether this is a new position, in which case their vagueness shows they are still not sure how the position will work out in their scheme of things.

- They are evasive when you ask about the decision-making process or the organizational chart, which may mean it is a highly bureaucratic set up.

- They will not let you know about the company's growth rate, about profitability and things like that.

- If you notice that position is open for a long time and never gets filled, its most likely a job nobody wants to do.


Reality is, companies want to hire good people, but they will only share what's in their interests during the interview. That doesn't mean you can ask tactfully on your own. 


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