How To Improve Your Concentration

Your focus determines your reality.

- Anonymous


Americans have about an eight-second attention span. That's less than a goldfish.

- Anonymous


To focus, focus.


Focus on the important, the useful and the progressive things in life.


1. Prioritize tasks: And know the big goals, the big picture of your life, the life goals - knowing why you are doing what you are doing. Do the non-important things later. Do the high ROI (return on investment) things now. Do one thing at a time.


2. Remove all distraction and clutter: Work in a clean workplace, on a clean desk, put on music to keep the noise out.


3. Work better: Cut big tasks into smaller ones; use checklists for common tasks; use timers to keep the focus. To master a task, work at it until you get it. Listen to music to be in the 'workflow'.


4. Have set pre-work routines and rituals to get into the 'flow'.


5. The good-old 'more sleep, more exercise and more good nutrition'. And lots of water.


6. Take a break to reload and refresh.


Leave some water in the well.

- Ernest Hemingway


7. Stop thinking: Take control of the wandering lizard mind. This writer, for example says to self 'stop thinking', when the mind starts to wander in a desert of the vague and the unimportant.


8. Build up your concentration by really looking at something intently (candle, fan, anything), or count backwards from 1000, or just look at a news photograph and get in all the details.


Thank you for reading.
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