Career success

How To Make Yourself Irreplaceable

This is about how you can convince your employer that you are worth keeping, even when hard times hit.


Do this:


Become a linchpin

Become Different (attract attention of the important people)

Become a Solutions-Creator, Become a Connected person


Seth Godin popularized the 'linchpin' idea.


He suggests it doesn't matter how many hours we work, how high we score on our employers' key measurements, or certain measures, or how much industry experience we have.


Instead, Seth suggests we focus on bringing passion and energy to our jobs, and see things as they are (Where are things going- inside the company, in the industry), and how well we balance our priorities without burning out.


Once you know what you need to do to be linchpin, don't stop there.


Do the good job, make yourself stand out.


Make sure the right people know you are doing the good stuff.

Make sure everyone knows you can be counted on to create solutions.


Most importantly, network with your clients and colleagues and be friends with the bosses.


Thank you for reading.
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