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How To Overcome And Avoid Work Related Burnout And Fatigue


1. Burnout is an extreme reaction to work stress. If left unchecked, prolonged work related burnout and fatigue not only makes you physically ill but it can also warp your mind towards self-destructive behaviors (e.g. lying) and tendencies.


This is PTSD (Post Traumatic Work Disorder) of working too much.


2. Work burnout /fatigue is bound to happen if you are bound to work hard: Have many mouths to feed, responsibilities etc. and you find you don't have much choice.


3. Demanding jobs and bad management cause stress and eventual breakdown.


4. Boring, undemanding and underpaying jobs are big demotivators.


5. Job burnout starts with you feeling helpless, frustrated, anger, depression ('this will never end'), guilt ('I am not doing enough'), fear ('this will cost my job'), etc.


6. When we are stressed, we get irritated easily, we develop a short fuse, snapping over even small stuff.


7. Job burnout cannot be treated by caffeine, alcohol, OTC (Over The Counter) medication etc.


8. Left unsolved, job burnout manifests into health problems- blood pressure, heart problems, headaches etc.


9. Do this:


The best way to cure job burnout / fatigue is change your job

Look at your needs, your finances and then make a plan- either you do it right now, you phase it out- reskill for the new job, save more money and build up a cushion and so on. Talk to people. Discuss alternatives. Network as much as your can.


The next best thing is to toughen yourself up

Get some good personal habits regarding health and nutrition- eating right, taking lots of anti-oxidants, running and increasing the metabolic rate, gym, meditation, less coffee and more fruits, and so on.


Compartmentalize life

Don't bring the office to your house. Nine-to-five is company time. The 'everything can wait until tomorrow' philosophy. If this is possible, do this.


Work smart

Use shortcuts (without cutting on quality), templates, checklists, charts etc. Delegate work if you have people working for you.


Take a vacation, Maybe a change of scenery is what's needed

Do whatever that makes you feel better. Anything that helps you relax.


Analyze your work

How much of your work is geared towards taking you ahead (with the bosses in knowledge of it)? This is the part of work that helps, the work that gets you promotions and raises. Can your company support remote work or flex work, so you can avoid the horrid commute?


Ditch the boring / un-challenging work

Choose work that brings you energy, sense of accomplishment, and recognition.


Bring sensible deadlines to demanding work

Sensible deadlines are made by people who actually do the work, not by someone at a planning table. Also see if the scope of the project is made sensible, and doesn't try to do everything at once. If you want less noise in the workplace, ask for it. If all this doesn't work, move on.


Do something good, for free

Volunteer. Teach. Donate blood.


Do side projects that motivate you

It is also a good way to learn new stuff and build up your resume.


Avoid being lonely. Loneliness begets listlessness

More time with your spouse/partner. If unattached, try dating.


Don't do anything to increase pressure on yourself

Job burnout often happens to people who start out all enthusiastic and ambitious. It happens to the perfectionists among us too. Take it easy friend. Be realistic.


Seek balance.


Thank you for reading.
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