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How to Prepare For Growth Mindset Interview Questions

A growth mindset is the belief that a person's abilities can be improved through effort, learning, and persistence. It also refers to how someone faces challenges, processes failures, and adapts and evolves as a result. 

Some benefits of a growth mindset include: Better study habits, Improved self-regulation, Better grades, Enhanced self-esteem, and Reduces stress. 

Here are some examples of questions that you must be prepared for in case companies want to gauge your growth mindset:
- What are you hoping to learn in this next job?

(Use this template to come up with a great answer: To achieve my life/career goal of ____ I need to get better at  ____. I hope that this role will give me ______ relevant experience, and I’m excited to work on ____  and get better at _____.)
Another good answer template: "Hmm, that’s a great question!" (thinks about it). "I guess at this point I’m trying to get better at ____. Could this job help me?" 

- Tell me about a mistake you made recently.
Showing a positive surprise is okay? Being uncomfortable is not.
They will see hat sort of mistake you described? Was it a tactical error or a strategic one? Did sweat the small stuff or big stuff? Were you able to draw any useful lessons from your mistake? 

- Do you have any questions for me?
Your questions should reflect thought and understanding of the business? Your questions should make them see you're trying to understand how the company is growing, and the roles you might fill in the org, if you will be in a position to succeed? 


Other growth questions to prepare for:

- What do you think could be improved in your previous role?
- When did you receive constructive criticism from your manager?
- What project or situation didn't go as planned in your previous position?
- Who inspires you?
- What is your opinion on continuous learning?
- How do you imagine your growth in this company?
- What made you think hard today?
- How will you challenge yourself today?
- What can you learn from this experience or mistake?
- What would you do differently next time to make things work better?  

Here are some tips for answering growth mindset interview questions:
- Use the STAR method to answer questions about challenges
- Share your career goals and plans to achieve them
- Mention inspiration that was helpful in achieving a particular aspect in your previous job 
- You can also look for the candidate's confidence, curiosity, and natural problem-solving skills. These qualities can give you insights into a candidate's growth mindset. 


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