Career success

How To Reinvent Your Career Successfully

Career change

You change careers, change the way you do things, the way you appear to others in the working world- you do all this once, you can do it again, and again...


First of all, you need courage

You are foresaking your old ways, maybe many things from your old world. You need courage to drop things at once. It may hurt. You need to steel yourself. You are starting from scratch.


You need a guide, a mentor, someone....something

Basically, whatever helps is your guide- a book (say 'A road less traveled'), a movie ('Dangerous Minds'), a TV show ('Breaking bad'), a friend, a relative, a colleague...okay, you get the idea. Whatever inspires you fits the bill.


You need to know what you want to do

Read. Explore. Ask around. Try out small first, Make a list. Rate the items on the list on the twin criteria of doability and earnability. then, choose.


Passion is so over-rated

Love and care are better options. Do everything with love and care and good things will follow...ultimately. Do it with love and care, put money as secondary...good things will happen.


It will take time

Every good thing takes time. Well, almost everything. You will try. You will ail. You will learn. You will try again...that is how life changes.


Put in your 10000 hours

Maybe more, maybe way less. You need to put in the hours to be good at anything worth doing well. When you do something really well, chances are you will make a living out of it. Even it is a way obscure niche, you do something very well, some will take notice. Of course, you will also have to work to get the word out. Read the guides for Creative types.


Ignore outwardly, learn secretly

Forget the naysayers. Say 'No' to people who don't want you to change. But learn from what they are saying. Is there any truth to what they suggest? How can you make sure all that doesn't happen. Do you have Plan B and C around those negative scenarios?


Make time

'Man plans, god laughs'. If urgent things (fending for family, this is a big one) come in way of your plans, make time. Do the work that pays the bill and then find the time to skill up and change your life. Please read the guide to side projects.


Suppress the fears and the negative stuff

Fear comes from ignorance. Nothing is more uncertain than not knowing how your change would turn out. All you can do is tune out all stuff that doesn't help, maintain focus and press on.


Take care of yourself

Healthy habits help sustain a healthy mind. Don't let things go heavy on you. Relax. Think the big picture. There is this world. There is you. There are the things you need to do. There is this blockage that you just can't get out of way. Ah well, let's move to side and forge on. If you can't move the mountain, take a detour.


Thank you for reading.
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