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How To Stop Sabotaging Your Career

We often sabotage our career (and life) with our fears ('I can't do that', 'They are looking at me!') , our extreme disorganization (running late, not finding the right stuff at the right time, ignorance of timelines etc) and denial ('Me? Tired? Never!').


Do this:


1. What's keeping you way behind?

Start with the usual career killer- fear, procrastination, impulsiveness, arrogance, or even your recent actions and behavior and check for these.


2. How much are you really paying for your behavior?

How many opportunities you lost? The times you faced great stress, And so on.


3. Are you still beating yourself up for your demons?

Give up all the train of destructive thought. Stop berating yourself. Stop comparing yourself negatively to others. Turn around your negative thoughts and notice when you won over your negative thoughts / tendencies and achieved some successful stuff.


4. Are you getting help from people who can be brutally honest?

These people will say where you did wrong and may suggest ways to improve.


('Your Self-Sabotage Survival Guide: How to Go from Why Me? to Why Not?' by Karen Berg)


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