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How to Succeed at Your Video Interview

Job interview tips

- Ask when the Interview Is Scheduled.


- Ask what video method will be used (Skype, Google Hangout etc) and prepare. Test if the stuff is working at your end beforehand. Google tips on how to use the video app/method well.


- Put copies of the job description, your resume or application (as you submitted), and other relevant documents laid out in front of you.


- Give at least 2 minutes in your “power pose so that you are calm and confident for the interview.


- The camera: Pay attention to where the camera is pointed (does it highlight your best face?). The background behind you (should contrast with your face), the lighting on your face (warm or harsh?), your distance from the camera and how much of you is visible (close to medium shots are best).


- Cover any other light (cover windows etc) and cut out outside sounds


- Test the sound


- When you talk, you are talking to the camera, make your “eye contact with the camera, like you are at eye level with interviewer. Don’t watch yourself on your computer’s monitor. Talk to the camera with brief glances at your view of the other person. Try to position the camera so that you can look at the other person without obviously glancing very far away.


Other than all of above, video interviews are mostly the same as in-person interviews: The preparations, the answers, the tactics, basically the whole interview procedure.


Thank you for reading.
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