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How to Survive And Be Happy In A Job You Hate

Career change

Part 1: Why we hate work


- Ego ('I was not built for this', the rut)

- Salary (not enough)

- Promotion (lack of)

- Work environment (hostile, fear, mean people, boring, long commute...)

- Interest-work misfit ('How am I going to work on my novel when I am creating product pages all day?')


Part 2: How to survive and be happy


1. Avoid drama. Stay away from people who mean conflicts.


2. Work on something new: New project at work, A side project, perhaps?


3. Learn something new: Update your skills, skills in a new niche, Tai chi?


4. Where are the work friends? Someone you can talk to at lunch? Discuss the latest sports disaster, the awful politics of Trump...


5. Read: Ah, reading! The original thing that takes us into new worlds.


6. Get some perspective: People are lining up outside unemployment offices, selling key rings in the hot sun outside and you are feeling grumpy in the air conditioning?


7. Get a life: Decompress. 'Blow off some steam'. Exercise. Walk around the office block. Watch a movie. Get some nature time. Seek out the balance.


As long as you think that anything worth doing at all is worth doing well, even if it’s something you hate, you will survive and be happy at work. You will.


Part 3: The part about changing jobs


So, you really don't like doing the work at all. You tried the above stuff and nothing seems to have worked? Consider this:


Changing jobs is hard work. Changing jobs in order to find what you love is even harder work.

- Yun Siang Long


Changing to a job you love will take time. It will mean sacrifices. How are you on the money front? The day-to-day schedule change may come as a shock if you have been at that place for a long while.


If there is such a thing as a 'perfect career', very few are lucky to have it.


Most of us who hate our jobs are of three kinds: The first kind keeps looking for that 'perfect job' , trying out one sad thing after another, becoming sadder by the minute. The second kind are lucky to have found something they can work out for a while. The third kind stays where they are, adapting, tolerating and surviving. Most of us are in the third category.


Whatever you decide, all the best.


Thank you for reading.
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