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How to Survive, Succeed and Shine at Your New Job

They say the first 90 days at any new job are like an extended interview. You promised them stuff. They saw stuff in you. Time to prove them right.


In the first week:


- Don't take much time to be organized: Timetables, to do lists, call / email lists, checklists for major tasks, weaknesses, challenges...quickly sort these out and start working.


- In the first week, know from your boss all the deadlines, important tasks, expectations etc. When your new boss says ‘feel free to ask questions’, they really do mean that.


- Network: Without taking too much time everyday, get back to building useful relationships. Connect with current colleagues etc online. And remember to drop a word or two to old colleagues and friends.


Connecting at the new company starts in the first week itself: Join your new colleagues for lunch or a coffee break. Listen a lot. Ask questions. Soon you will find a common ground.


- Go through the company’s policies: Read all the stuff you can find. Signs on the walls, Stuff from your orientation training. Pay special attention to the rules about the benefits, rules regarding leaves etc.


In the first 90 days:


- Help your boss achieve their goals and targets, and they will value you more.


- Be nice, friendly, and all that, but they will like you more if you do your work well, and on time. People admire people more who know their shit and get the job done.


- Show them you are trying hard, working hard, honing up the new skills and work experience. Be a trier, not a shirker. Go the extra mile.


- Learn from the 'previous guy': Do better than a simple 'hand off'. Talk to the previous person. Find out more about the day-to-day job and things to look our for.


- Learn from the top performers in the company. Study them. What are they doing different? Longer hours? Better techniques?


- In the first week, you will meet many new people: Know their names. Note them down later, if it helps, especially the tricky names.


- Work smart: Figure out ways to do things faster and better.


- Don't forget the big picture: Why are you where you are? It is wise to know that every task, every move, every project, and every job can lead to better things.


- Work at being known for being extra good at some task: This is a quick-fire method of getting notices from the powers-that-be.


- Be the helpful one without coming off as too nice: Help people. Volunteer. But don't come off as someone people might take advantage of. Also don't neglect your own tasks in the process to be extra nice.


- Take the initiative to meet people: Start with people in your group / part of the floor.


- Make friends with old timer/s: This person will help you navigate the company. Ask about what works, what doesn’t, who are the big shots, office tricks, office politics, unwritten rules of the a sponge.


- It is very important to know the company culture. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.


- Communicate with the bosses and underlings: Let the boss know what you are working on, what your plans and expectations are. Ditto with your underlings.


- Keep track of all your good work: Note down all your accomplishments, major contributions, when you got positive feedback, and so on. Helps with the boss, upcoming performance reviews etc.


Last word: Knock their socks off with your enthusiastic 'can do' attitude, sturdy work ethic and your all around people-friendliness (hmmm).


Thank you for reading.
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