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How To Take Risks And Come Out Okay Every Time

They say, 'No risks, no rewards.'


Understand this: There is nothing completely wrong or completely right with being risk averse (liking the comfort and security of

doing the same things over and over again) or a risk taker.


But it helps knowing our capacity for risk, as it will the help us being prepared for any change in life.


Risk tolerance is situational. We may be risk averse when we avoid doing things that will hurt our children, but we can be healthy risk takers when we change one job for another.


Just do this:

- Identify the pros and cons of the risk with any probable change.

- Then, if you decide to take the risk, make a strategy for how to survive during the transition.

- List up people and resources you’ll need to be successful with your decision.

- Create some “what if alternatives that will be of use in case your plans don’t work out.


In other words: Think it through, boss.


Thank you for reading.
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