Making a living

Making money selling software, software as a service (SaaS)

Make money

1. Make a website/mobile app: This is where the most dreams happen (and burn away), where most VC (Venture capital) money is invested and blown away in search of the next 10 X or 100 X investment returns. Basically, people crash and burn (though some do make it) finding that illusive point where, 1. They have succeeded in making something people want, before others have, 2. They have succeeded in executing the plan - bringing the product/service to the target customers quickly and sustainably, and 3. Found out a long-term way to make some money (product sales like Apple/Microsoft, subscription sales like Netflix, ad sales like Google/Facebook, eCommerce sales like Amazon.


A better way is to create a web site/mobile app, which is at least able to pay for itself (server, basic upkeep, and advertising) and also pays your monthly bills. This is a good start, yes?


2. Make and sell software: You can also sell the source code of your software, or scripts in a much sought after field (and programming language) on CodeCanyon, Chupa or BinPress.


3. Productized services: The easiest way to understand this is through an example of a web developer selling a 'create your web site in under a minute' tool (@ say, 5 dollars/month). Or, a graphic designer selling a 'Create a logo' tool.


Making money from saving better



4. Higher-yield savings or money market accounts: The average savings or money market account today gives out less than 1% interest, but you can get better returns on your safe savings account, by comparing for bank rates using Bankrate (United States), starting with searching for banks in your area.


5. Higher-yield or reward checking accounts: Smaller banks and credit unions have these accounts, and the deposits and still insured by the FDIC. However, to qualify for the higher rates accounts, you have to do things like doing a minimum number of debit card transactions per month. Please Google 'reward checking accounts' or 'high yield checking accounts' + your state).


6. Use cash back sites such as Fatwallet etc to earn some money as these websites share the commission they make from recommending products and deals.


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