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Marketing Skills: A Simple Guide To Advertising And Copywriting

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The best advertising is Word Of Mouth.

- David Ogilvy


Ads with people in them score higher.

- Starch Research


The Ad writing Acid Test: Create an ad for your service. If after a week your best ad is weak, stop working on the ad and start working on your service.

- Anon


A good advertisement is one which sells the product without attention to itself.

- David Ogilvy


Volkwagen just had the word lemon in a corner, when it introduced its Beetle brand in U.S.


In good times people want to advertise, in bad times, they have to.

- Bruce Barton


A brief guide to good copywriting


- Start with a good headline

- Sell the primary benefit, fast

- Sell only one thing

- Use facts (and if space permits, plenty of facts)

- Use testimonials

- Don't lie

- Concentrate on effectiveness in the marketplace, rather than how 'cool' it looks/reads

- Make your copy interesting

- Tell them where and when to buy

- Review your ad for three key elements: Does it have impact? is it focused? is it honest?

- AIDA format: Attention (headline) - Interest (customer problems that will be solved) - Desire (the benefits from using your product/service) - Action (what do you want the customer to do next? Call? Press button? Go to nearest store?)

- Your main message (the main benefit statement) must be the most prominent.

- Offer a single impressive relevant benefit, quickly and simply.

- Your message must be quick and easy to absorb: Clear layout, clear fonts and clear/simple language.

- Avoid all clutter: No fancy/meaningless images, colors and backgrounds. Make it easy to read.

- Use the 2nd person: you, your, and yours: And then you can pair it up with 'we' - e.g. 'we understand your...'

- Do/mention something new: 'New' attracts people.

- Emphasize a unique, highly relevant, and credible selling proposition: 'Start clicking and sharing photos in 5 seconds'.


Search Google for 'advertising tips', 'copywriting tips' etc.


Please also go through the quick guide to 'Copywriting: Writing To Sell' in the Writing Skills section.


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