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Marketing Skills: Inexpensive marketing tactics that work

Marketing skills

In your locality:

- Posters in windows and on notice boards, and in staff rooms of local businesses.

- A promotional stall at a local car-boot market or county show.

- A stall or leafleting presence at a local relevant gathering or event.

- Using leaflets or business cards in dispensers where local people sit and wait or queue or gather - doctors, dentists, vets, church rooms, tourist information office, outpatients departments, library, nurseries, mini-cab offices, forces and services sites (e.g., police, ambulance, etc), launderettes, post offices, newsagents, hairdressers, takeaways, cafes and bars, hotels, pubs and restaurants, golf clubs clinics, leisure centers, etc.

- Reciprocal referral arrangements with other good local suppliers, especially those who serve your target audience with different products and services (which enables you to be more helpful to your own customers when they ask you to recommend other services).

- Regularly giving news and interesting pictures about your work to your local newspaper, or perhaps even writing a regular column relating to your specialty in the local free newspaper or parish magazine.

- Offering existing customers an incentive (gift of some sort, or money off your next supply) for introducing a friend as a new customer for you.

- Door-to-door leaflet distribution through the postal service or other suitable service.

- Speaking at local networking/business events.

- Speaking or facilitating at the local school or college - for example with business education and preparing youngsters for the world of work (which gives you publicity and builds your reputation).

- Local trade directories: Typically monthly publications distributed to the local community.

- Targeting special offers at local big employers, through their PR and/or HR/social activities.



- Employee attire: Your people wearing t-shirts/caps with your logo on them.

- Be seen using the product/service: In trains, for example.

- Another good idea is to ask for your product in crowded supermarkets etc loudly enough so others can hear


Search Google for 'guerrilla marketing tactics', 'low cost marketing tactics' etc.


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